Checking Accounts

Take your confidence to the next level with the right checking account.

A checking account is a bank account that allows easy access to the money you keep in it. Also called a transactional account, it’s the account that you would use to pay your bills and make most of your financial transactions.

Want help choosing the right checking account?
If you have a checking account, you can access your money by writing a check or sending an e-check, setting up an automatic transfer or using your debit card. These transactions are debits to your account, while a credit is a deposit. Money that you put in a checking account usually won’t stay there for long, since it’s where your everyday spending, bills, and other debits occur.

Pick the account that fits what you’re looking for.
  • Advantage Checking: Have access to online and mobile banking, ATMs and the use of debit cards
  • Essential Checking: Essential Checking makes it easy to control your finances and avoid monthly fees.
  • Balanced Banking: This service helps you avoid overdrafts by linking your checking accounts to another

You will find that most banks offer many options, so carefully consider the features you need when choosing your checking account.

Pay particular attention to the minimum balance requirements, and be sure you can maintain them. You do not want to fall below a minimum balance that you cannot maintain and end up owing the bank money each month.<

Some accounts also limit the number of checks or debit transactions you can have daily. Others limit the number of bill pay transactions. You should be aware of these limits and be sure they work for your spending style. If the numbers seem too restrictive, consider moving your account elsewhere.

Additionally, you should consider the monthly service fee and overdraft fees for each of the accounts. Credit unions often offer lower fees. Also, keep in mind that many banks waive monthly service fees if you have an automatic deposit or meet a minimum number of monthly transactions. However, many free checking accounts do exist.

Finally, you should consider whether the bank offers additional features such as mobile deposits, that make banking more convenient. Many banks now offer a banking experience that rarely, if ever, requires you to come to a branch.